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Expert Information from Kristopher Graydon Jewellers

Your jewellery questions answered by the experts at Kristopher Graydon Jewellery Store in Wagga Wagga

After 20 years operating as Wagga Wagga jewellers, Kristopher Graydon Jewellers can answer nearly any question you have- an suggest some you haven’t thought of. With over 69 years combined experience in handcrafted jewellery, custom design jewellery and jewellery remodelling you can be confident we are experts in our field. Your jewellery is personal and often irreplaceable so whether you are purchasing something new, commissioning a unique jewellery  design or remodelling an old favourite make sure you can trust your designer and the quality of the work. Read through our commonly asked questions or drop into our jewellery store in Wagga Wagga if you want to know something specific.

Commonly asked questions – advice from Kristopher Graydon Jewellery Store in Wagga Wagga

How long will it take to make my ring?

Most rings take between 2 – 4 weeks to make depending on the level of detail and whether special materials need to be ordered in. When you create a custom design with us you negotiate a clear timeline as part of the custom design jewellery process. You always have direct contact with your jewellery designer and are encouraged to email, call or drop by with any queries or to see our progress.

If you are looking right now for unique jewellery such as handmade engagement rings and wedding rings or dress rings, contact us to see the range in store or discover how easily a bespoke ring can be constructed for you.

Help! I’ve lost/ damaged my treasured family heirloom! Can you help?

Jewellery is meant to be worn but that brings the risk of wear and tear and occasionally loss. Our fine jewellery craftspeople can recreate lost favourites or remodel existing pieces to be more robust. Bring your sentimental pieces into our jewellery store in Wagga Wagga to be checked for weaknesses or provide photos of your missing heirlooms for a quote. We also offer jewellery valuations, particularly important for insurance purposes.

Which is the best cut of diamond to get?

The variety of different ways to cut a stone has evolved with fashion and advances in technology. The Eternity cut is the latest development in diamond cutting technology, producing perfectly cut diamonds to ideal proportions. The quality of a stone is what produces the clarity; the cut of a stone is what produces the sparkle. Eternity Diamonds take excellent quality stones and cut them to perfect proportions producing dazzling diamonds. The brilliance of Eternity Diamonds cannot be beaten on quality or price which is why it is the recommended choice by Kristopher Graydon Jewellers.

How much does it cost to have a ring handmade?

How much do you want to spend? The Kristopher Graydon Custom Design Jewellery Process tailors your vision to your budget so your design can come to life. Our designer will sit down with you and discuss style, quality of metals, the cut, colour and clarity of stones to determine a final price. Our experienced designers can help you reduce costs without compromising appearance and our veteran craftspeople are efficient with materials saving you money. Why buy generic ‘off the rack’ jewellery when you could have something personal crafted for a similar price?


What if I don’t like it when it’s made?

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will! From the initial inspiration meeting to approval of the concept, choice of materials, construction then final approval and jewellery valuation you are safeguarded against surprises. At each stage you are in charge of the final product and we don’t move forward until you are happy. Hand crafted jewellery is an exciting and creative process so come into our jewellery store in Wagga Wagga to see it happening on site.

I want to propose to my partner next month but I can’t afford to pay upfront- can you help?

Kristopher Graydon Jewellers don’t want to stand in the way of true love! We offer lay-by and payment plans as well as cash, online bank transfer and EFTPOS. Contact us to discuss how we can help you make that special announcement.

Call us, email, Facebook or drop in to our jewellery store in Wagga - we are always available to answer your questions.