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Custom Design Jewellery – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Custom Design Jewellery hand crafted by us, designed by you

                                                 ‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’
                                                                                                                          - Coco Chanel

Make your significant jewellery irreplaceable with a custom design from Kristopher Graydon. Whether you want to design your engagement ring or create a special keepsake to mark an important occasion, our custom design jewellery process walks you through from concept to final valuation. Sit with our skilled Wagga Wagga jewellers to draw up your dream ring from scratch or bring in your neglected jewellery and let us tailor it to your taste. Don’t despair if your current jewellery isn’t perfectly suited to you, our jewellery remodelling service lets you tweak existing designs into something more personal. Meet with our designer to see how easily you can be inspired to be different.

Inspired by you, handmade by us- our custom design jewellery process is elegant in its simplicity.

Feel confident in creating something different with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. The Kristopher Graydon design process supports your creativity as we refine your inspiration to your final concept. Your designer and craftsperson is always available to answer any questions or keep you updated. Our hand crafted jewellery is built for life and we support your investment with a complimentary jewellery valuation on completion and lifetime cleaning. Kristopher Graydon Jewellers have over 20 years’ experience specialising in custom jewellery design and jewellery remodelling so we can offer complete satisfaction with confidence.

The Kristopher Graydon Bespoke Jewellery Process


Your first appointment is the chance to dream big and give us a sense of your style. Bring photos, clippings and examples to start your vision map. We help you assemble your references together and identify the key elements- essential for jewellery remodelling as well. From here a theme or concept is developed in keeping with your budget.


It’s at this stage we turn your dream into a reality- at least on paper. The more information provided in the inspiration stage the better. In consultation with you your designer will refine the concept until you are satisfied. Our experience crafting fine jewellery means we can transform your vision into elegant design- see our unique jewellery collection for examples.

Selection of Materials

Kristopher Graydon Jewellers use only premium materials to ensure our jewellery will survive every day wear. Our skilled use of precious metals and stones eliminates waste and saves you money. We make sure the choice of materials supports your design without compromising your budget.


Our experienced artisans transform raw materials or remodel your existing piece into your custom jewellery design. This process balances the delicacy of your design with our stringent standards for work hardened jewellery. You are welcome to inspect the work at any stage.

Final Approval and Valuation

Once you have inspected your jewellery and any changes or refinements have been finished we complete the design process with your final approval. Kristopher Graydon then provides a free valuation on your custom design according to current market rates. Unlimited complimentary cleaning is available to keep your unique design looking pristine. 

Your irreplaceable future is only a phone call away, get inspired with Kristopher Graydon Jewellers.